The reason Top 5 apps for Android why you chose an Android phone is because it is customization to what you need. There is an app for every function you can imagine for a phone. 

Top 5 apps for Android

Want your lights to turn on when you come home? Manage it with Ifttt. 

Want to share a document to work on with your class partner in class? Share and edit the document in real time with Google Drive. 

Want to find the least congested route with the cheapest gas on the way? Use Waze. 

We have narrowed down our personal favorite apps that increase productivity and enrich creativity. Below are our top 5 apps that every Android user needs. 

1. Nova Launcher

Whether you love using color coded folders or you want to see your favorite widgets on your home screen every time you unlock your phone, Nova Launcher is the best, customizable home screen app.

Even Android Central and Android Police say its features are better than the stock launcher.Nova Launcher is a highly optimized program that allows you to change the layout, scrolling, themes, and colors on your home screen. 

Don’t want to create one from scratch? You can download hundreds of icon themes that are ready to go.

You may consider upgrading to Nova Launcher Prime for $4.99. You can customize gestures and hide apps you do not normally use. 

2. Boomerang Notifications

Ever had to hunt through a list of notifications, looking for the one you put off when you first saw it? Boomerang Notifications simply gives you your notification, then you are able to snooze it to come back at a later time or set an alarm for it to return. 

If you accidentally remove a notification when you wanted to read it or set an alarm, Boomerang will keep it for a short time, allowing a grace period for you to view it again before disappearing completely. 

Boomerang Notifications is also customizable. You can select which apps will give you the prompts for snooze and alarm. 

3. Cam Scanner

Scan and send PDFs easily with Cam Scanner. Simply take a picture with the app of your document, crop and edit the picture, then you can send it in an email or save it. 

Now all of your business cards, certificates, and receipts can be converted to PDFs and JPEGs for easy filing and sharing. 

The premium feature is $4.99/month or $49.99/year, which gives you 10 GB of cloud space and extracts all text from each scanned document as a .txt file. 

4. Snapseed

Get the professional photos you want by editing them on your phone- no expensive desktop apps needed! 

You can add a glow to an image, add darkness to the edges, give your photo an older look with the Vintage filter, and you can even blur out an ex from a photo. 

Snapseed’s newest update has a great new editing history feature. Now you can reverse any changes you have made to a photo without starting over. 

5. LastPass

LastPass is the easiest way to give you password security. Say good-bye to using the same password for everything because LastPass can create unique passwords for each app and site you visit, then store it so you can easily view them later. 

This free app can also safely store photos and documents you want to keep available but hidden. You can either use a password or a finger print scan to unlock your passwords. 

The best feature is the sharing abilities. You can use the app to share passwords securely with family / friends, and you can also grant emergency access to someone. 

There are many apps out there, and the best apps are the ones that decrease your workload because of their increased productivity.