There was a time when people used to Ask the run applications and software downloaded to their own devices or servers.

Thanks to the revolution brought about in the cloud computing industry, people could access all .

  • The application through the internet, regardless of their location. This solution has become popular over the years, especially among small and medium enterprises, that run on a modest budget. 
  • Cloud computing is being taken up by most companies in a large way. The reason is that it is the most cost effective method of providing both hardware and software.
  • However, there are certain pitfalls companies need to be wary of and guard themselves against. 

The areas are : 

a) The data is accessible through web browsers and so data loss needs to be prevented. 

B) Discrepancies in the data security will prove very expensive for the company, hence it must be prevented at all costs. 

Here are some tips for backup and recovery : 

a) A backup of the data needs to be taken on the cloud. This can be done by either a secure cloud option or using sneakernet which records the data every night.

You could also opt for disaster storage backup which is housed in a fire and disaster proof area.

You can also choose another center to back up the data for another branch of the office. This works well especially if there are a number of offices in various locations. 

b) Regular interval backups can be taken especially of databases and weekly a total backup can be taken 

c) A recovery process clause should be part of the service level agreement with the cloud company. That way, copies of data will be available if and when needed. 

d) Checkpoint based duplication of data is to be done alongwith the data backup so the recovery will be easier and simpler and it will also be better for the reading as well as writing of the stored data. 

In addition to this, incase there is a situation where the cloud provider needs to be left or the cloud provider wants to part ways with you, a plan should be ready to help you make the transition to the next cloud. 

Hard Disk Data Recovery 

If you have a cloud backup, you can backup your hard disk within minutes. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything else including data corruption

That can happen within your hard disk. This is because data on clouds is stored securely and you have nothing to worry about. There are different data recovery companies that can help you do more, and give you the leverage you need to avoid data loss and edge past your competitors.