Steps For Tiered Backup And Recovery

Most organizations are used to backing up their apps applications and data collectively using The same method. However, not all data and apps are The same. Such systems can be problematic during recovery. The best type of data backup and restoration is prioritized and organized data. Manufacturing, sales, and marketing applications are known as Tier […]

Virtual Replication

This is the new hit in town. The storage agnostic, Zerto Virtual Replication version 4.5 has come to save the world. this words are very literal, with the help of this cross hypervisor software you will be able to recover your files instantly regardless whether it got lost due to deleting, virus or file corruption. […]

Worry Among Users As Android’s Flawed Factory Reset Is Discovered Vulnerable To Data Recovery

It has been discovered that approximately half billion Android devices have a problem with data reset feature which plays a great role in recovery of data. This is according to a report prepared by Cambridge University researchers. This group of researchers conducted several tests which proved that about half billion Android smartphones do not completely […]